All About Massaranduba Redwood Decking

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Massaran-what? The name is a mouthful but this hardwood is pure beauty, through and through. For a high-end look with superior performance, look no further than massaranduba.

Massaranduba hardwood facts

Also known as bulletwood and Brazilian redwood, massaranduba is found throughout Central and South America in a variety of different forest types. Smooth to the touch, massaranduba has a fine, uniform texture with a mostly straight grain. It’s generally free of knots and its required maintenance is minimal. Often used in European and South American countries, massaranduba provides homeowners with a sophisticated look. Its color is a distinctive and gorgeous reddish-brown that mimics that of mahogany without any of mahogany’s confusion. There are many different woods that are commonly labeled as “mahogany,” either “true” or “genuine” mahogany, so it can be confusing to understand what you’re really getting. With massaranduba, there is no confusion — you’re getting a tough, gorgeous wood.

Brazilian Redwood DeckHow tough is massaranduba?

Rated 3,190 pounds on the Janka hardness scale, massaranduba is extremely hard and, at 29,200 psi, even stronger than ipe. Not only can it live a long life (over 30 years!), but it withstands harsh climates, especially since it resists moisture penetration. Massaranduba is also resistant to decay and a variety of termite types. If your new deck will be used for large parties or if you expect children and pets to spend a lot of time on it, then massaranduba is a great option. It can withstand high-traffic and even commercial applications.

Massaranduba deck maintenance

Maintenance is relatively simple: simply clean periodically with a brush, soap, and water (use a garden hose, not a pressure washer, which can damage the surface). Like all tropical hardwoods, massaranduba requires annual staining or oiling if you wish to preserve its beautiful color. If this isn’t a concern, you may skip the annual staining and your deck will eventually turn an attractive grey.

Massaranduba is a great decking option if you’re looking for a tough yet elegant wood. Contact us today for assistance with ordering or browse our selection of massaranduba.


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