2022 Deck Trends

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A new year always has us thinking about the latest and greatest trends we might see in our industry in the months to come. We’ve seen some interesting trends in our over 20 years of experience! If you’re in the planning stages for your spring deck project, these are important ideas to consider. Here’s what we’re predicting for 2022:


While cool, muted grays and traditional browns continue to be popular, homeowners are increasingly interested in emphasizing their personal style. This might mean using wood that has heavy variegation, like tigerwood, or mixing woods to create a two-tone look. Consider using picture-framing and breaker boards with different colors, such as a dark brown and a lighter, honey-brown. For a more dramatic look, use beautiful South Pacific redwood, which is dark reddish-brown.

Take into account the natural weathering that the wood will undergo if you don’t treat it. For example, ipe turns a beautiful silvery grey with age, which would look great accented the beautiful stripes of tigerwood – just make sure to treat the tigerwood to maintain its color. .

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Original designs:

You don’t want your new deck to look like every other deck on the block. Instead, customize your outdoor space with original touches that speak to your personal aesthetics. Consider picture framing, custom inlays, or unique skirting techniques, for example, and extend your personal style to your outdoor living area for a cohesive look inside and outside your home. If your home reflects a love of modern interior design, for example, you’ll will likely want a modern looking deck. Is your property more remote or cabin-like? Consider a rustic deck! Extra touches like water features, firepits, or pergolas are a great way to customize your space, and as an added bonus they’ll provide important extra seating and space.

Thermally Modified Wood Siding

This isn’t a decking option, but our customers are loving our new siding product: Thermally Modified Wood Siding! This stabilized wood isn’t susceptible to shrinking, pests, and rot. It’s easy to install too and even comes pre-finished. We have a feeling we’ll be seeing a lot of this great siding in 2022!


What good is a beautiful, original design without the proper ambiance? Lighting is just as important in outside spaces as it is inside your home Lighting creates a mood for an outdoor area and makes the space enjoyable, relaxing, and cozy. Consider light placement as you design a deck and select lighting elements with a seamless look to provide the deck with style and function. Great options to put on your wish list:

  • Spotlights can illuminate a focal point, like a plant or statue.
  • Steplights are installed on walls besides steps or directly on the vertical face of the step
  • Garden lights, which can purchased in a variety of shapes and designs, are a great way to illuminate garden paths or special plants.
  • String lights, hung on structures or on plants, are a beautiful, subtle way to add ambiance.

No matter what trends emerge next year, choosing Hardwood Decking Supply’s durable, low-maintenance hardwoods is a great way to ensure that your new deck will be the talk of the neighborhood. Contact us at 866-452-2573 if you have any questions!

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