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If you’re lucky enough to call San Francisco home, then you get to enjoy a wonderfully mild climate all year long. Our exotic hardwoods are perfect for the various micro-climates within San Francisco’s different regions. Whether your area is sunnier or foggier, we have the right wood for your deck project. For Bay Area homeowners and contractors, we offer the most durable and gorgeous hardwood decking on the market and for an excellent price.

Ipe is a Brazilian hardwood that is a great decking option for moist foggy conditions, while tigerwood is a great choice for sunnier regions because the wood’s rich colors become even more pronounced with sun exposure. All of our deck lumber choices are low maintenance, durable with a long life expectancy, and fit Northern California’s unique climate. Hardwood Decking Supply buys direct from the mills and cuts out the middle man so our customers enjoy substantial savings.

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We carry gorgeous and long-lasting woods including ipe hardwood, batu hardwood (affordable mahogany alternative), cumaru hardwood, garapa wood, yellow balau, South Pacific redwood, and tigerwood hardwood. Each board is hand-inspected for quality before we ship it out to you, ensuring that your deck lumber will have no defects and can seamlessly be used to build your deck. We know you’ll love the quality of our product and enjoy the savings when you choose Hardwood Decking Supply to build a beautiful and durable deck.

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Have questions about our tropical hardwood? Not sure why it’s a superior product or how to purchase? 

Read below for our most frequently asked questions. And if you don’t find what you’re looking for, just call our hardwood decking experts at 866-452-2573.

Hardwood Decking Supply sells hardwood priced by the linear foot. Ready to buy? First, browse our site to learn more about our specialties. Then once you know what type of wood you need, simply call us at 866-452-2573 and we’ll help figure out how much wood you need for your project, and in what lengths. Not sure what type of wood to use? Don’t worry – we can help you figure that out too.  

Tropical hardwoods grow in tropical forests around the globe, and they are prized for their beauty and strength. Our tropical hardwoods are sourced from areas of Central America and South America (primarily Brazil), as well as Indonesia. We sell five different species, and while they look quite different, they all have similar characteristics: long lasting, strong, dense, durable, and resistant to pests and mildew.

Tropical hardwoods are fantastic for a variety of projects. Most of our wood is sold for decking and fence projects. Our products can also be used for patio furniture, gazebos, siding, and interior flooring. Hardwoods are gorgeous, hard, and durable. 

A tropical hardwood deck will last a long time! Most of our woods have a lifespan of 30 – 50 years, depending on species and use. This compares to 10 – 15 years for commonly used domestic species like cedar. 

We sell ipe, batu, garapa, tigerwood, and cumaru tropical hardwoods. Each of our woods is extremely strong and durable with a long lifespan. Click the links above to learn more about each type and decide what wood is best for your project. Still not sure? Give us a call at 866-452-2573 to speak to one of our hardwood specialists. 

Not all tropical hardwoods are the same, and that’s one of the things that set us apart. Our business depends on the long-term availability of wood, so it’s vital to support conservation efforts and sustainable practices. All of our hardwoods come from accredited producers. Learn more about our environmental policy

Since tropical hardwood is so hard, there are some recommended best practices. To make your project easier, we recommend you pre-drill holes in your boards as drill bits wear out quickly. Make sure you have a few helping hands, too. Shop our accessories that are specially made for working with hardwoods. To learn more about the hardness of specific wood species, view their rankings on the Janka Hardness Scale.

Once your deck is installed, we recommend sealing it with Ipe Oil Hardwood Deck Finish and UV Protector. After that, if you choose to forgo the finish, your hardwood deck will naturally weather to an attractive silvery gray color. If you want your deck to maintain its original color, simply reapply the finish every few years. Other than that, maintenance is simple. Just sweep your deck free of debris at the start and end of each season, and periodically clean it with a mild soap solution and brush if needed.  

The prices of tropical hardwoods are comparable to domestic hardwood species, especially when you consider the much longer life of tropical hardwoods. You can build one hardwood deck that will last 30 –50 years, or you can build 3 – 5 cedar decks in that same timeframe. When you look at upfront and lifecycle costs, tropical hardwoods are the clear winner.  

We understand the need to keep moving on a project! That’s why we work quickly to fulfill every order. After you place your order, we will for process and package it as soon as possible. Then once your order is on a truck, it takes 5 – 7 days to be delivered to your home or job site. The shipping company will provide you with a delivery date and time once its confirmed. Learn more about shipping.  

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