Terms And Conditions

1. Guaranteed Quality: All of our wood is Premium, Grade A material, unless otherwise specified. Keep in mind that all natural wood does have a variance in color, regardless of species.

2. Estimates /Quotes: Verbal estimates are not accepted. All quotes will be written and emailed for approval prior to order being processed.

3. Deliveries: Truck freight costs are not included in pricing provided online at HardwoodDeckingSupply.com. Freight costs are for deliveries from Hardwood Decking Supply warehouse to either a) curbside at residence or b) to nearest freight distribution facility to buyer, both of which are determined at time of sale. Freight costs are non-refundable except in the case of total loss. Buyers that cancel their orders in the middle of transit will be responsible for all freight costs. Due to the nature of the material, the Driver is required to move the material to the tailgate of the truck and the Customer is required to set the boards on the ground. Due to the nature of the industry Hardwood Decking Supply is not responsible for late or delayed shipments.

4. Movement:

Surface Checks – This is a natural occurrence that happens to hardwood. It cannot be predicted which pieces this will happen to or when they might occur.
Shrinkage and Expansion: Normal shrinkage or expansion can be 1/8″ overall, which could be a little more or less. Shrinkage or expansion is rarely seen end to end.
Cupping: It is normal to see a minimal amount of cupping. This is best controlled with suitable *acclimation and *ventilation.
Acclimation: Depending on local weather conditions, 3 days to 1 week is adequate to conform to local conditions. It’s best to let the wood acclimate off the ground and under cover.
Ventilation: Provide a minimum of 12″ space on 3 sides offers the minimum needed to maintain wood stability.

5. Defective Material: Color or grain that you do not like is not considered a defect. Water marks are also not defects and usually occur during the shipment of product. These marks can easily be removed with proper prepping of deck during finishing process. Intermittent boreholes are completely normal. These occurred from boring beetles when the tree was growing. All of our decking is premium, Grade A, kiln dried material. We strive to provide you with top quality decking and we do make a point to inspect each board as it’s packed for shipment. If you receive something that you feel is defective, please make note of it during the delivery process so it can be noted on the Bill of Lading in the delivery driver’s presence.

6. Claims of Buyer: Claims of damage must be noted at time of delivery on the shipping documents and countersigned by a representative of the shipping company. Failure to do so may result in total loss of Buyers ability to collect damages from the shipper and releases Hardwood Decking Supply from their obligations. In the event there is a claim, Hardwood Decking Supply will not be responsible for labor or excess charges. NO CLAIMS FOR MOISTURE CONTENT OR QUALITY WILL BE ACCEPTED IF THE PRODUCT HAS BEEN INSTALLED.

7. Acceptance of Delivery: Upon arrival of the material order via freight note any claims of damage or defect on the original bill of lading. Secondly, any claims of damaged or defective material are to be documented with photographic proof. All claims must be submitted within 72 hours of delivery via email and telephone contact, along with the photos and the list of material claimed to be damaged or defective.

All orders delivered via freight will be hand unloaded by the customer accepting the delivery. This is to ensure all the delivered material is not damaged and is to the customer’s satisfaction. In the event that damaged/defective material needs to be returned to Hardwood Decking Supply, it is the buyers sole responsibility to package, reload and ship the material for return to us.

8. A 15% restocking fee will be applied to all returns.

9. Governing Law: The contract for sale of the Goods shall be governed by the laws of the State of Oregon.