Hardwood Decking Milling Capability and Charges

  • For any project that is 1,250 linear feet or less there is a minimum fee of $300 plus the $0.24/ LF up-charge.
  • Anything above this LF then we only up-charge the $0.24 / LF.
  • If you need to have more than one pattern milled, then for each additional pattern, it is a minimum fee of $75.
    Example: 1,000 LF of 1×6 ipe grooved and also 300 LF of 1×6 ipe 1 edge groove.
    Cost would be: for the 1,300 LF of 1×6 ipe groove the cost per lineal foot would be $3.73 plus the set up fee of $300. In addition to this for the 300 LF of 1 edge groove there would be another set up fee of $75 and the cost per linear foot would also be $3.73. Basically for this order the cost per LF is $3.73 plus the $375 set up fee.

*We don’t offer milling services on Garapa hardwood

We can also do most kinds of custom milling. This may incur additional tooling charges that would be determined per job.
piece of two sided grooved hardwood decking
piece of one sided grooved hardwood decking
end piece of tongue and groove hardwood decking

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