Lowest Prices For Tropical Wood Decking

No extra charge for longer board lengths – low-cost shipping – great service

Hardwood Decking Supply supplies homeowners and contractors with high-quality, sustainably sourced Ipe, Batu, Cumaru, Tigerwood, and Garapa hardwoods. Since our wood is direct from the mill, we avoid the added cost of dealing with brokers and distributors. Plus, we don’t charge extra for longer board lengths (in a random length order exclusively 16′ and longer we add $0.50 / LF) and we don’t tack on any hidden fees. We hand select each order and ensure you receive 99% usable product.  

Affordable shipping to anywhere in the US including Hawaii. Trust over 30 years of experience!

Learn Why Tropical Hardwoods Are The Superior Choice

Why pick tropical hardwoods for your deck, fence, or building project? Our hardwoods are strong, beautiful, and durable but that’s not all!

  • Incredibly long life span ranging from 25 to over 50 years
  • Naturally resistant to mold, mildew, rot, and insects
  • Require little maintenance
  • Are among some of the hardest woods in the world

Wholesale Prices For Quality Lumber

The big home improvement stores and lumberyards buy their wood from distributors, who buy their wood from brokers. Each of those transactions hike up the price of the lumber and you end up paying more for the same wood we carry. Why sacrifice low prices for convenience when Hardwood Decking Supply can offer you both? We ship your hardwood decking order from our warehouses directly to your home or job site anywhere in the United States as quickly as possible. Enjoy ultimate convenience at a price you can afford. Our materials are labeled using nominal measurements.




If we are unable to answer your call please leave a detailed message and we will call you back the same day.


Milling Options

We custom groove projects per order. Add 10 days to lead time.

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Installation Guide

Handling and storage proceedures will affect installation outcomes.


How to Order

Learn how to order hardwood.

Long Lasting Thermally Modified Wood Siding

The all-new UFP-Edge Thermally Modified Wood Collection is the wood cladding of the future. This beautifully stable siding is made from an innovative thermal modification process that stabilizes the wood naturally using heat and steam. This process makes the wood less vulnerable to shrinking and seasonal expansion and contraction. What’s more, it resists rot and insects for long-term performance.

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"The wood was so beautiful"

“I purchased Ipe and Ipe Oil from Hardwood Decking Supply to build a landing and stairs. The wood was so beautiful I made a second purchase to build a wall. Great quality and customer service!” – Tony P.

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