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Interested in enhancing your outdoor space this year? Or are you considering putting your home on the market in 2021? Either way, adding a batu hardwood deck to your home is a great way to create a functional outdoor space while increasing the value of your home. Let’s take a peek at the benefits of a beautiful hardwood deck!  


Batu is a versatile desk material

Wood is one of the most versatile materials. It’s used for flooring, furniture, and so many outdoor applications. Whether patio furniture, gazebos, siding, sheds, or decks, wood is the go-material for homeowners seeking an attractive, long-lasting product. Batu is especially versatile, as it works well for interior and exterior applications, and makes an especially fine deck. Its hardness is 2,100 pounds on the Janka Hardness Scale, which is less than ipe hardwood. However, batu’s hardness rating makes it even more versatile. Since it’s not quite as hard as other hardwoods like ipe, batu is easier to work with and is more fitting for a range of projects.  

batu hardwood fence

You’ll enjoy batu’s durability

We love the durability of tropical hardwoods — they’re one of the hardest woods you can buy. This density means that hardwoods are resistant to insects, mold, and mildew. Hardwoods are also nearly impervious to any normal wear-and-tear. Even better? Your hardwood deck will last for decades! Batu’s lifespan averages about 30 years and it even has a Class A Fire Rating, which means that flames won’t spread quickly. Batu is such a popular product because its durability comes with a lower price tag than a hardwood like ipe. Batu is affordably priced yet strong and gorgeous, especially when compared to other woods like mahogany.  

Batu is a sustainable choice

Wood is a naturally renewable building product, and unlike other building materials like concrete or steel, it requires less energy and fossil fuels. Wood products are also low waste because the byproducts, like sawdust, are used to power production facilities. Wood’s durability is also key to its sustainability, especially when looking at the long lifespan of tropical hardwoods. A product that doesn’t need to be replaced for a long time means less waste. And at the end of its life, wood can easily be recycled and reused

Due to the importance of tropical forests to the health of our planet, Hardwood Decking Supply purchases FSC certified wood whenever possible. This certification ensures that wood is responsibly harvested, not clear cut, and pesticides are limited. It’s vital that the fragile tropical ecosystems are protected, and local culture and livelihoods are respected.  


When choosing a deck, product, look deeper

You might not think about health when you think of wood. However, your home is important for your health in many ways. The concept of biophilic design is an approach that uses natural elements, like wood and lighting, to connect building occupants to nature. It’s believed that humans are more productive and healthy when surrounded by the natural world.

Of more concern is the fact that the air we breathe inside our homes – where we spend most of our time these days! – is affected by allergens, contaminants, and chemicals. In fact, that “new furniture smell” you might notice coming from a recently assembled particleboard cabinet, for example, is actually the product off-gassing nasty substances like formaldehyde, a type of volatile organic compound (VOC).  

Do you know what doesn’t offgas? Natural tropical hardwood! Our wood isn’t treated in any way so you and your family can enjoy your beautiful deck in comfort.  

A batu deck will increase the value of your home

A batu hardwood deck will enhance your enjoyment of your home and increase its value at the same time. A 2019 remodeling study found that wood decks are the fourth most valuable home improvement project. The study estimates that homeowners can expect to recoup about 75% of the project’s cost once they go to sell their home. Plus, decks create additional living space that, while not as valuable as an extra bedroom, nonetheless can make a difference when you go to sell your home. Outdoor space isn’t included in square footage, but homebuyers love functional and beautiful areas to enjoy nature. The majority of millennial homebuyers include a deck on their list of must-haves. Having a beautiful deck will only help your home sell faster.

Buy batu hardwood for your project today

Contact the specialists at Hardwood Decking Supply to order your batu hardwood today. Not sure if batu is right for your project? Not sure how much to buy? We’ll answer all your questions! 

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Batu Hardwood Decking

Lowest Prices For Tropical Wood Decking Available

At Hardwood Decking Supply, homeowners and contractors receive the highest quality grade-A ipe, batu (mahogany), cumaru, tigerwood, and garapa wood at incredibly low prices and excellent customer service from our decking experts.

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