How to Pick the Right Type of Wood for An Outdoor Project

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When picking the correct type of wood for your outdoor project, there are many great and valuable options for you to consider. However, parsing through all the different types of wood can be a little overwhelming. Depending on the project, certain types of wood may be better suited than others. Other factors such as price, the climate of where you live, and the kind of project you are doing are also essential factors to consider. So today, we’d like to offer our expertise on the best types of wood for outdoor projects, and we hope you’ll leave this article feeling confident about your next project.

Why choose wood for your outdoor project

You may wonder why wood is the best material for your project. For starters, wood has been one of the most reliable materials for generations. It has stood the test of time and is one of the most durable materials we can access. One of our favorite things about wood is its versatility. You can choose from many types and wood colors to ensure you have exactly what you need for your project. Wood is also environmentally friendly because it continues to store the CO2 that was absorbed when the tree was still growing.

With all these qualities in mind, let’s look at a few different types of wood and explore why they would be excellent choices for your outdoor project.

Impressively durable, Ipe is a great, low-maintenance wood

Ipe wood is an excellent option for any outdoor decking project because of its fantastic durability. It’s naturally resistant to rot, decay, and insects, requiring very little maintenance. It is an excellent option for those who want a long-lasting, beautiful deck. As a result of its strength, it’s less likely to warp, split, or crack over time. With a Janka hardness rating of 3,680 pounds, it is one of the hardest woods available. One of the best benefits of using Ipe is that it can withstand harsh climates. This makes it ideal for any outdoor project, especially in the Pacific Northwest. In addition, ipe wood is naturally fire-resistant, so it’s an excellent choice for areas with high fire risk. On top of that, Ipe is resistant to mold and fungus, giving you peace of mind after completing your project.

Versatile, durable, and striking. Batu wood will give your project a truly unique look

Batu wood is an excellent choice for outdoor furniture or decking projects due to its natural resistance to weathering and decay. This gorgeous and rare Indonesian hardwood is a great economical choice and can last over 30 years. It’ll give you a classic look of genuine mahogany minus the costly upkeep. It is also naturally insect-repellent and resistant to fungus and rot, making it an excellent choice for outdoor projects in areas with high humidity or moisture.

You will love the versatility of Tigerwood

Next, let’s look at Tigerwood. This wood will not require chemical treatments like other decking materials, and the rich, deep colors of the wood become even more enhanced with sun exposure over time. Tigerwood is a popular choice for privacy screens and indoor and outdoor furniture due to its unique and striking grain pattern. It possesses a combination of warm brown and golden tones. With a Janka rating of 2,160, Tigerwood is one of the harder exotic hardwoods. Its hardness makes it an excellent choice for flooring and outdoor furniture, as it can withstand wear and tear. It’s also resistant to pests and rots due to its natural oils.

Cumaru hardwood will offer you premium quality but at a more affordable cost

Cumaru Wood is one of the most affordable options and will hold up great on high-traffic decks. It has a life expectancy of up to 50 years because of its ability to resist insects, mold, mildew, and decay. Its rich, warm red color helps distinguish itself from other types of wood and gives an aura of elegance. Cumaru hardwood works great for decks, fences, gates, gazebos, and outdoor projects. It is an excellent choice for hardwood material that will stand the test of time.

South Pacific Redwood is an excellent choice for fences and decking projects

Are you looking for a high-end, unique look? There’s a reason South Pacific Redwood is a popular choice for hardwood decking projects. Rated 3,190 pounds on the Janka hardness scale, South Pacific Redwood is comparable to Cumaru. However, South Pacific has a tighter grain pattern giving it an advantage. This beautiful wood from Southeast Asia is Kiln-dried to minimize shrinkage and warping. It is highly resistant to rot, insects, and decay and very easy to work with. Mimicking Mahogany, South Pacific Redwood has a beautifully rich, reddish-brown color that will enhance any outdoor space. Additionally, it is affordable, making it an excellent option for those looking to stay within a budget without sacrificing overall quality. Learn more about South Pacific Redwood here.

Yellow Balau is a robust hardwood and great for outdoor application

Yellow Balau hardwood is a fantastic wood that will always provide you with premium quality. It is well-known for its gorgeous yellow-gold tone and resistance to rot and insect infestations. Yellow Balau is an excellent hardwood if you are working on decks, fences, or gazebos. A quick cleaning a few times a year will keep your Yellow Balau deck looking beautiful.

No matter what type of wood you go with for your outdoor project, choosing Hardwood Decking Supply’s durable, low-maintenance hardwoods is a great way to ensure that your project will be the talk of the neighborhood. Contact us at 866-452-2573 if you have any questions!

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