New Thermally Modified Wood Siding

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UPDATED FOR 2023! The UFP-Edge Thermally Modified Wood Collection has been so popular that we’re excited to announce we’re now offering this product in more colors.
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This wood cladding is crafted thanks to a unique thermal modification process. The result? A beautiful product naturally stabilized from heat and steam. This modification reduces shrinking and seasonal expansion and contraction while resisting insect infestation and rot. Not only does this wood cladding look great, but its tongue and groove interlocking patterns mean easy installation, whether you’re using it for interior walls and ceilings or exterior siding.

Thermally modified wood siding features

You’ll love how this wood cladding looks but you’ll especially love how easy it is to install! The boards, which have an interlocking pattern for fewer exposed fasteners, are end-matched for a quick install with less waste. The boards are even pre-finished with a beautiful natural stain. Plus, this wood:

  • Comes in 1×6 random length 10’ to 16, even lengths
  • Net size 21/32” x5-1/12”
  • Works in interior and exterior applications
  • Uses an all-natural heat wood preservation process
  • Resists rot and insects
  • Is dimensionally stable

Installation Instructions

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Charming newly renovated home exterior with amazing entrance porch accented with natural wood siding.

Premium wood siding

UFP-Edge’s Thermally Modified Wood Collection is the best line of siding in the market! They start by using high-grade lumber (only small, tight knots and no wane). The lumber is then shaped using a heat and steam modification process that protects the wood’s integrity and kiln-dried to reduce swelling and shrinkage.

Since products are manufactured locally, the finished product doesn’t sit out in the elements. The wood you receive for your project is top-quality!

Frequently asked questions

Are there any harmful chemicals used in the thermal modification process?

No. The wood is heated in a natural, non-toxic process that changes the composition of the wood. The thermal modification is cured out by the time the wood is ready for installation.

Is thermally modified wood resistant to rot, termites, and other insects?

Yes. Your thermally modified siding is more resistant to rot, termites, and other insects than conventional wood.

Does thermally modified wood expand and contract?

Slight movement can occur in extreme circumstances but expansion and contraction are greatly minimized thanks to the thermal modification process.

Should I pre-drill holes for fasteners?

Yes. Predrilling holes for fasteners is recommended, especially in areas that are prone to cracking, like end boards. The thermal modification process can make wood slightly more prone to splitting.

How long will the prefinished color last?

The siding is prefinished with a proprietary two-coat exterior coating. Depending on the application and UV exposure, refinishing or maintenance may be needed within a few years. However, if the cladding is not exposed to direct UV light, the finish may only need minimal upkeep for years.

More Thermally Modified FAQ’S

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