Tips To Prepare Your Hardwood Deck For Summer

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The days are getting longer, the flowers are blooming, and the sun is shining. Summer is on the way! If you have a beautiful hardwood deck, protect your investment and make sure you make the most of it! Follow our simple steps and be ready for your summer barbeques and parties.

A tropical hardwood deck with a patio table and umbrella on it.

Check for winter damage

What happened over the winter? Perform a quick assessment to see if winter’s rain and wind caused any damage. Not sure what to look for?

  • Note any weak or loose boards on the deck’s surface.
  • If you can access the space under the deck, look for areas where moisture may have collected.
  • Look for holes or gaps around the deck’s perimeter where rodents could have gotten through.
  • Check that all hardware is appropriately tightened and look for loose footings and railings.

Clean the deck

Next? Clean it up! Sweep away dirt, sticks, pine needles, or other debris that collected on the surface on the deck. Check between the deck boards, too! Built-up debris will collect ice and snow, which means moisture could have accumulated there over the winter. You don’t want moisture creating rot and structural damage! Be sure to inspect your deck for mildew, too. The good news is that your tropical hardwood deck is resistant to mold and mildew, so any issues you do find are likely to be minimal. Whether you choose ipe, batu, or cumaru, your deck will benefit from the hardwood’s density, which makes it extremely difficult for mildew to take hold and grow.

It’s just one reason why upkeep is important, though. A little preventive maintenance will go a long way!

Apply a finish 

If you’re the low-maintenance type, a hardwood deck doesn’t necessarily need a finish. The color of all hardwoods will eventually weather to a pleasant silvery gray. However, even if you appreciate this natural look, a base coat of ipe oil is recommended. This helps the wood to maintain its stability and natural oil. If you do want to maintain the beautiful color of your hardwood, then plan on appealing sealer every two years.

No matter where you land on the maintenance, Ipe Oil by Deckwise is a great product to use. It protects your deck from the elements, such as moisture, ultraviolet sun rays, and temperature changes. Ipe oil will also preserve the look of your deck if you wish to maintain its color. Using a finish will add years to your deck’s life! Apply the product to a clean, dry surface with a brush or roller and let dry completely.

Mildew Tip

If some mildew took hold over the winter, don’t use bleach! It will damage your deck. It’s much safer to use a mix of vinegar and water or even a mix of laundry detergent and water. Apply the mixture with a bristle brush and gently scrub, and then rinse the surface with a hose.

Make it look nice

Once your deck is clean, it’s time for the fun part: making it pretty! Get out your patio furniture and give it a good cleaning. Set up the grill, the umbrella, and anything else you typically use. Consider setting out some potted flowers and adding string lighting. Then sit back with a cold drink and enjoy your hard work!

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