Why Purchase Mill-Direct Tropical Hardwood?

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Hardwood Decking takes great pride in providing the best in tropical hardwood lumber to our customers. That’s why our wood is purchased directly from the mill and never sourced by a broker. We know exactly where our lumber comes from. No middleman here! So what’s the difference between purchasing mill-direct and purchasing from a broker and how can you be sure you’re getting what you pay for? Read on for details:

What is a lumber broker?

A lumber broker works with mills, buyers, and consumers to facilitate the sale and transfer of timber and lumber. Essentially, brokers buy lumber from a mill at a low price and then turn around and sell that lumber to their customers for a higher price.

Brokers, who are usually well-versed in the industry and specific products, may do business with independent lumberyards or they might work with large companies or contractors.

What is mill-direct?

Lumber that is mill-direct travels from the mill (where logs are processed into lumber) directly to a retailer like Hardwood Decking Supply. We have trusted, long-term relationships with the mill and we 100% know the type and quality of wood that we’re receiving from them. How does this compare to the lumber you purchase from a big box store or other type of non-direct retailer? There’s an extra step, which means more opportunities for things to go wrong. After the mill, the lumber goes to a broker and THEN to the retailer. Because we purchase directly from the mill, we know exactly what we’re getting.

When can a lumber broker be problematic?

When can a lumber broker be problematic? While many lumber brokers are reputable and trustworthy, unfortunately there are always some shady characters. Add intentional mix-ups with conventional pricing practices and you have the potential for a real mess. For example, sometimes the grading of lumber gets wonky. If a broker is involved, they might claim a product is a higher grade than it actually is, which lets them sell it at a higher price. In contrast, since we purchase lumber directly from the mill, we know what grade it is. In an example of legit pricing up-charges, a big box store might sell a low-grade product at a higher price because the logistics of their supply chain dictates a higher price. The store must up its prices simply to account for how many companies and people are involved. We cut out the “middleman,” to deliver higher quality wood for a lower price to you.

What are the benefits of buying from Hardwood Decking Supply?

Now that you understand what a lumber broker does, what are the benefits of working with a mill-direct company like us?

Credibility: We know exactly where our tropical hardwoods come from because there’s no one standing between us and our product. We don’t need to worry about trusting all the other entities who are involved in getting a piece of lumber from the forest to a job site. If products don’t ship or documents aren’t legitimate, it can be an incredible challenge to get a refund and meet the customer’s need. By skipping the middleman, it’s much easier for us to receive what we want, when we need it. That’s why we’ve spent decades building solid relationships with the workers at our mill. You can trust the sustainability of our products, our FSC Certification standards and our commitment to the Lacey Act’s protection of endangered species.

Consistency: Mill-direct makes it much easier to procure and maintain inventory. There’s no doubt — working with a broker can be a frustrating process. They’re competing against other traders who might be selling the same inventory, so companies might unexpectedly find themselves outbid, and you, the customer, without any lumber to purchase. Hardwood Decking Supply is proud to have amble, reliable supplies of our tropical hardwood, even during the pandemic when there’s a serious lumber shortage.

Cost: By bypassing lumber brokers, we’re able to keep our prices reasonable since we don’t have the added costs that a complex supply chain creates. By purchasing from the source with no markups, we can pass those savings along to our customers and give them a competitively priced product. Plus, we don’t have to worry about brokers trying to exploit the markets by delaying shipments to save on shipping costs or suddenly increasing prices because the market price rose during milling. Our process is simple and straightforward.

Purchase from Hardwood Decking Supply

At Hardwood Decking, we provide lumber direct from the mill, bypassing brokers. This allows us to pass along significant savings to our customers — contractors and homeowners alike. Even better? Since we know where exactly our tropical hardwoods come from, the quality and legitimacy of our products are assured. If you need to purchase sustainable, premium tropical hardwoods, shop our selection of ipe, batu, cumaru, tigerwood, and garapa. Contact us today through our form or call 866-452-2573.

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