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Brazilian Ipe Lumber Is Perfect For Outdoor Decks in Hawaii

If you’re planning on building a new deck, ipe wood is beautiful and durable, perfect for Hawaii’s unique climate.  Your deck will last for over 40 years with the minimal upkeep.  Ipe is ideal for Hawaii’s warm climate because it doesn’t retain heat, when it is hot outside your deck won’t get too hot to walk on. And for barefoot lovers, Ipe wood is splinter-free.

Ipe (Brazilian walnut) is a dense hardwood with a rich dark brown color. It is considered the best options for an outdoor deck in a tropical climate. Ipe is naturally resistant to rot, decay, insects, and weather. It’s also one of the hardest woods available, with a Janka Hardness Rating of 3,680 lbs.

Ipe is 8xs stronger than Redwood and 5xs harder than pressure treated wood!  In most homes, an ipe deck will last over 50 years without cracks or dings. Another benefit; ipe has a fire rating equal to concrete and steel, which means it’s actually flame resistant.

Hawaii Ipe Hardwood Decking