Bo-Wrench Deck Straightening Tool


The Bo-wrench® is a deceptively simple-looking tool which is a must have for both professional builders and do-it-yourselfers. The Bo-wrench® operates easily with just one person needed to straighten deck boards.The Bo-wrench® is compatible with any of the natural hardwoods we carry, (Ipe Batu, Cumaru or Tigerwood). Longer length deck boards, above 15′ long, sometimes have a tendency to be crooked or bowed and the Bo-Wrench® can help straighten the boards out.

To operate the Bo-wrench®, first step is to slide the tool onto the joist, pull the lever arm, and release. This tool is versatile as you can either push or pull boards into alignment. Plus, when the handle is perpendicular, the tool locks in place, holding the board securely and leaving both hands free to drive nails or screws.