Use Tropical Hardwoods for a Modern, Durable Fence

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If you’re looking to install a fence this season, look to gorgeous tropical hardwoods that lend a modern style to any design. At Hardwood Decking Supply, we provide premium grade-A hardwoods such as ipe, batu, and cumaru. You’ll love the look and durability of your new fence! Let’s take a closer look at some cool fence styles and the benefits of using tropical hardwoods.

Price versus quality

Fences are a great home project because they significantly improve your yard’s useability. Fences are also a fairly affordable project. But beware of using materials that are too inexpensive without also considering factors like durability and longevity. A pine fence is cheap, but it won’t last long. That’s why we love tropical hardwoods for fences. While they may cost a bit more upfront, their durability means that you won’t have to worry about replacing rotting fence posts. Plus, their longevity is truly remarkable, with some species lasting over 50 years. More on that below! Lastly, our prices are also extremely competitive since we acquire our hardwood straight from the mill.

Three reasons to choose a tropical hardwood over cedar or pine for a fence

Tropical hardwoods are fantastic for many applications, including fences.

  • Longevity: Beyond their striking look, these woods are so durable that they boast incredible longevity. Depending on the species, your tropical hardwood fence could last anywhere from 30 years to over 50. Compare that to the five-to-10-year lifespan of softwoods like pine or spruce.
  • Maintenance: Tropical hardwoods are fairly low-maintenance. This is primarily due to their incredible durability. Since the wood is so dense, they all resist insects, mold, and rot. Our only maintenance recommendation is to apply a treatment like our Ipe Oil once a year if you want your deck to keep its rich color. If you’re not interested in applying oil, though, your wood will weather to a lovely silver color.
  • Fire safety: If you’re concerned with fire safety, consider wood like ipe. It’s considered fire-resistant, which often increases its value to homeowners. If your area sees wildfires, an ipe fence may provide a little peace of mind that your investment will last.

Ipe and Batu make great fencing material

Ipe is the hardest wood we sell. Resistant to insects and mold, ipe is a great choice for warm or wet climates. Beyond its fire resistance mentioned above, it’s resistant to insects, mold, and rotting. Ipe, which only requires treatment if you wish to maintain its color, can last over 50 years.

Batu is a strong, durable wood that needs only an annual oil treatment for color preservation. If you’re not worried about maintaining color, batu weathers to a pleasing silver-gray. Batu is resistant to rotting and mold, so it’s perfect in climates with lots of moisture. It is also resistant to insects. Batu can last over 30 years.

Fence styles

Although a traditional white picket fence might always be in style, for a fresh look, consider one of these trendy options. Bonus? They look even better with the rich hues of tropical hardwoods. For more inspiration, follow us on Pinterest!

  1. Good neighbor fence: You can’t go wrong with a good neighbor fence! In this style, both sides of the fence look the same, so no one needs to stare at an ugly side. Both properties can look at the good side! While not the most exciting option, these styles are universally appealing and work well with just about any landscaping and exterior designs.
  2. Slatted fence: A slatted fence has horizontal boards, which provides an unexpected take on the traditional fence. One of the trendiest options around, slatted fences have a contemporary look that complement modern homes. They’re also beautiful with tropical hardwoods, since their grain runs the whole length of the plan, which is a striking look.
  3. Half and half fence: These fences are made of two different materials, typically with a stronger and heavier material on the bottom and a lighter material on the top. Using concrete and hardwood, for example, yields a modern, sleek fence.
  4. Wood and metal fence: Mixing wood and metal is always a winning look. For a dramatic look, try a dark hued wood with black iron.

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