Wood Decor Ideas to Incorporate in 2024

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Whether you consider them New Year’s resolutions or not, whenever January comes around, it’s hard not to think of projects you want to tackle in the year to come. As we enter the new year, the appeal of wood in design is growing, providing many options for making beautiful and eco-friendly spaces.

Regardless of the size and scope of your project, it’s crucial to have a clear vision of what you hope to achieve and what the final product will look like. That’s why we’ve crafted a few trends in wood decor that we predict will emerge, along with ideas on incorporating wood to enhance spaces inside and outside your home. Read on for our predictions about sustainable sourcing, the rise of DIY, and the magic of outdoor sanctuaries, plus unexpected ways to incorporate wood into design and why creating things you love is important.

Nurture nature with sustainability

Sustainability in design will likely continue playing a significant role in design trends, and for good reason. Despite what you might think, wood is more sustainable than many other building materials; however, where you buy your wood matters.

When looking for a sustainable source to purchase your materials, you want to ensure the supplier has an environmental policy and is transparent about where they source their materials. Also, check for environmental certifications, such as a Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification.

Pro tip: Before ordering materials, make sure you’ve completed all necessary measurements for your project to determine the required amount of goods and minimize waste and costs.

Make it your own

While many projects require a contractor, you can still put a personal stamp on your plans. When beginning the concept of a project, it’s essential to find some inspiration and determine what materials will be needed to make your vision come true.

Rise of DIY

DIY (Do It Yourself) projects aren’t becoming more prominent just because of the rise in costs for materials and labor — they’re popular because they can be fun and give you complete creative control over your creation. DIY also fosters a sense of accomplishment and encourages a more sustainable and personalized approach to creating and repurposing items.

With many online tutorials and the reemergence of tool libraries and communal workshops, it’s becoming easier to start DIY wood projects, even if you have minimal experience.

Create an outdoor sanctuary

In recent years, people have increasingly blurred the line between indoor and outdoor spaces, often incorporating features previously only found inside to improve their outdoor leisure activities. While many outdoor sanctuary concepts involve appliances (such as grills or mini-fridges), wooden features in an outdoor space help lend to the organic landscapes that typically surround them.

When selecting wood for outdoor projects, make sure to conduct research before purchasing materials to ensure that you choose suitable wood for the project. Depending on the climate, wood can be used for various features beyond fences, decks, and furniture, such as countertops and cabinets.

Mix it up

Even though wood has been a building material for thousands of years, we still find new ways to incorporate it into design and other aspects of our lives. While building decks, tables, and other projects typically constructed of wood are great ways to improve your spaces, using wood in less expected ways can make a feature pop.

Bring the outdoors inside

As we mentioned, more people want to bring the indoors to their outdoor spaces, but the opposite is also true. Biophilic design, which uses natural elements to increase the connection to a natural environment indoors, is becoming more popular.

Tropical and exotic wood materials, such as batu and ipe, can be terrific accent features for any biophilic concept. Their unique colors and patterns lend to more modern looks when compared to more typical wood types that often exude more cabin-like aesthetics.

Statement wood walls

Another excellent application for batu, ipe, and other tropical woods and biophilic concepts is statement wood walls. Accent and statement walls are timeless and can act as great focus points for a space or a unique way to break up the design on adjacent walls.

Wood walls don’t just have to apply to the indoors. Natural wood siding looks great on many old and modern housing concepts and can add appealing contrast to just about any paint color.

Technology, meet nature

As the use of wood continues to expand, it’s beginning to replace metal and glass in many facets of interior and exterior design. Features like wood lighting fixtures can lend to several different aesthetics, such as industrial or biophilic.

Make something you love

We saved our best idea for last: make something you love! One of the beautiful things about using wood is that you can use it for just about anything. Regardless of your project, you should feel empowered to make something you’ll appreciate for years to come.

Let’s make something together

We hope you feel inspired to get your projects going, and our products are a great place to start. With our sustainably harvested tropical wood, we have plenty of beautiful, high-quality options that will help ensure what you build will be built to last. Feel free to contact us for a quote or more information on how we can help.

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